What is the Impact Player rule in IPL 2023?

Impact player rule of IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is no less than a festive season for cricket lovers and this season BCCI has incorporated a new rule into the IPL called the Impact Player Rule.

Just like you, we are also excited about this rule and how it will help the IPL Teams. So without wasting time let’s get into the factors of this rule.

  1. According to this Impact Player Rule teams can name 4 substitute players apart from their XI players in the team.
  2. If any one of the players on the team gets injured and gets unable to perform, the team can replace that non performing player with a replacement player and this replacement player will be called the Impact Player.
  3. After getting the Impact Player on the field team cannot reassign the old player back to the field.
  4. The Impact Player is cannot act as a captain or bowler as well. 
  5. The IPL team needs to pick their 4 substitute players during the toss only
  6. Out of the 4 substitute players, only 1 can be picked as the Impact player
  7. An Indian player can play as an Impact Player if the team has less than 4 overseas players in XI
  8. At the same time, IPL teams can use an overseas player in the team of 4 substitute players and can use him as an Impact Player. However, if there is one overseas player, that IPL team cannot use one more overseas player on the field for any reason.
  9. This Impact Player can be introduced at any time of the match. Be it in the beginning or after losing a wicket.
  10. Both teams are allowed to use Impact Player. However, it is not mandatory for the teams. It is just an option for them in unforeseen situations.
  11. If any player gets injured during the match, he can leave the field and one replacement player can take the role. However, before that, it needs to satisfy the umpire.
  12. During penalty time the IPL teams can ask for the Impact player as BBCI is very strict that the Impact Player cannot act as the captain or bowler for the team.
  13. No IPL team can exceed the number of 4 substitute players.
  14. In any condition, the number of players playing will be 11.

How will Impact Players help IPL teams?

Our love for IPL teams is a known factor. So it is important for us to evaluate the fact that how this rule will help the teams.

Teams will be focused: IPL teams mostly focus on all-rounders as they can be used for various roles at a time. This rule helps the teams in focusing more on the specialist. For example, any IPL team can make a bowler play for a time and after that, they use an Impact player for deadly batting.

Indian player supremacy: As mentioned earlier, this Impact Player rule restricts the use of overseas players and it is focusing on the Indian players. So it is an opportunity for the Indian players to show their skills more. However, as this rule is a new rule, the IPL teams need to come up with a new strategy.

Final words:  So, I hope the Impact Player rule is clear for the guys now. Let’s wait for exciting performances.

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